Monday, November 29, 2010

God DOES answer prayers

My family and I moved to another city (because we wanted to so we could be closer to family) a couple months ago. I had been out of a job since that time. Recently, I was advancing through the job hunting process for selling mobile devices at Target and was up to the background check and drug screen level. It was an okay-sounding job, but it didn't really feel right. After a glitch with them sending me the drug screen paperwork via email (they tried to send it twice and had the right email address both times, but it never got to me and it never bounced back to them -- the email just vanished), I began to wonder if there was something more at work, so I prayed. I prayed to God that He would make it clearer to me if this job wasn't right for me and SPECIFICALLY for Him to place another, better-fitting job that I had applied for in my path. I got my answer to that specific prayer when I got offered that very job today! God is absolutely awesome and anyone who says He doesn't answer prayers -- SPECIFIC prayers -- is a fool.