Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A God of no coincidences

This past Wednesday, our third child Eric was born. We were planning on delivering him via C-section on Thursday, but my wife went into labor Tuesday night at 11:30, so the operation got moved up a day. Now, my work schedule at the group home I work at usually has me working Thursday afternoon, through the overnight (sleeping) and until 9 a.m. on Friday. However, I had switched shifts with others weeks in advance so I could have all those hours off. One of the switches had me working Tuesday as my overnight. The Sunday before, though, the person doing that overnight called and said she was very sick and needed to switch. We ended up swapping that night with the Tuesday night. It didn't even dawn on my until this past Sunday when my wife mentioned it that had I not switched those two overnights, I would not have been home when she went into labor (and it probably wouldn't have been too easy trying to find someone to come in for me). God truly was watching out for us.