Tuesday, October 07, 2008

God's perfect timing

We got some sad news yesterday. Our sponsorship of a child in India through Mission of Mercy came to an end. It's sad, but these things happen. Hopefully the last 9 years have made a huge impact on him and his faith. I look forward to meeting him in person someday (most likely in Heaven).

I don't remember if I ever mentioned it before, but at a Christian concert almost exactly 9 years ago, we signed up to sponsor a child through Mission of Mercy. This was while we were still mourning after my wife miscarried our first child on July 25, 1999. At that time, we were given an envelope at random with the child's photo and information inside. As we started reading through it, we were surprised and stunned at his date of birth.

It was July 25.

I still get a little choked up at that. You cannot tell me that was just some bizarre coincidence. I don't believe in coincidences because with God, there are no coincidences. We were MEANT to go to that concert. We were MEANT to be moved to sponsor a child. We were MEANT to walk up to the Mission of Mercy booth at the moment we did. We were MEANT to be helped by the person who greeted us. We were MEANT to receive the envelope the worker chose at random. We were MEANT to be the sponsors of a child whose date of birth was July 25. There is simply NO question about it.

Incidentally, also in the last 9 years, July 25 has become important to us for two other major reasons: it was the date my mother-in-law remarried and it was also the date my wife's estranged brother reconciled with her family. Again, these were not coincidences.

Anyway, that all brings us to now. Mission of Mercy sent us a letter about the situation and asked us if we were willing to wait for them to find a new sponsor child for us. After discussing it, my wife and I felt that this was God's way of telling us, "You've done enough. The seed has been sown and is growing well. It's time to move on." We have a baby boy coming next month and it will be a great help to have that money freed up to pay for his needs. In addition to all that, our pledge to help pay for our church's new parking lot is finally coming to an end. I think the pledge was for three years. That will free up more money for the baby. Any extra money we have will be donated to missions and charities based out of our church.

It's sad that our sponsorship has come to an end, but it came at exactly the right time. Just as God takes care of the sparrows, he takes care of His children. He knows what their needs are and when and how to meet them. I am very thankful and very humbled to be held in the safety of His loving hands.