Friday, October 19, 2007

Christians and health insurance

Back here, Eugene asked (in a long, rambling fashion) why I or any other Christian would need health insurance. He then went on to take several verses out of context to "prove" that health insurance is unbiblical and that owning insurance proves that Christians actually know God is imaginary.

To this, there is but one simple reply: did Joseph think God was imaginary when he commanded Egypt to store up food during the seven years of plenty to prepare for the coming seven years of famine? Making provision for the future is not unbiblical nor is it proof that Christians secretly think God isn't real.

Look at it this way: if one is going to misuse those verses to prove that Christians shouldn't have health insurance, then why not also use them to prove that Christians shouldn't work, exercise, eat healthy, or even eat at all? Maybe all those things unbiblical, too, and doing them proves that Christians don't really think God is real.

Do you now see how ridiculous and foolish that skeptical line of thinking is?