Friday, July 07, 2006

WHY am I a Christian?

I recently saw a comment from someone on another blog that they "tried to go Christian" in order to please their family. They failed, of course, on both accounts (being a Christian - or so they thought - and pleasing their family). This person also made the comment that based on my posts here, that's the same reason I'm a Christian. I'm not exactly sure where this person is getting that idea from. I can say that some members of my family have greatly influenced me in my Christian walk. I look up to my mother and brother a lot. However, I am not a Christian to please them or anyone else. That's shallow, wrong-headed and definitely not biblical. I'm not a Christian to please my wife, mom, brother, pastor, or any other person on earth. I only want to please and glorify God. That is why I am a Christian and it is the only reason anyone else should be one, too. If you're trying to "go Christian" to please someone other than God, you're not go to succeed. It is a false "faith" that attempts to glorify yourself. It is offensive to God and you won't please Him or anyone else in the long run.