Thursday, December 09, 2004

Wise words from a wise woman

If there is anything in my long life [that I've learned it] is that God never takes anything or changes anything without giving something even better. A closer walk with Him is the greatest blessing of my life and whatever happens in this life He has promised to never leave us or forsake us in our time of need or our time of prosperity. The greatest blessing of His is life. He created us. Because of His love He gave His only Son that our sinfulness would not separate us from Him. We can have a talk with Him whenever as we can be assured He hears our heartfelt thoughts and conceerns. The closer we walk with Him the more content we become. Believers are in the palm of His hand. No other belief or religion offers that wonderful blessing. All they can offer is only constant trying to be good to earn their God's favor. Our Savior did it all and we can celebrate His birth with joy, but I have found that I celebrate His death and resurrection even more!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!