Saturday, November 20, 2004

My personal statement of faith

My faith irritates. I will defend it to the death.
My faith offends. I will still defend it to the death.
My faith is not kind to all. I will continue to defend it to the death.
My faith stands against the ways of the world. I will always defend it to the death.

My faith is not subject to the whims of those who are of the world. Yes, it is offensive. Yes, it is difficult to take. Such is the Word. It goes against everything of the world: greed, lust, selfishness, pride - all the sins of the world. I will not betray my Lord and Savior to please those who are offended by my beliefs. I will not let the words of those ruled by the world sway my beliefs. I do not care if they do not respect me, or even hate me because of that. Such things are temporary and not of God. I will not spare them the truth of the Bible to spare their feelings. Too many have done so before me and I fear they will discover the truth too little too late. I will not be counted among them in the end.

In the Bible, God is quite clear about what sin is. It is unfortunate that many, because of Man's willfully sinful nature, try to use the Word itself to excuse their sins. They misinterpret, misrepresent, or just plan ignore any passages that they disagree with. They may fool people that way, but they do not fool God.